Friday, September 29, 2006

Friday's All Jesus Edition

I've been having a hankering for jesus pajamas. Just say those words out loud and see how they roll off the tongue? Jesus Pajamas. MMmmmm. If you have too, you can get them here. I know I'm protected by the wily ways of Satan when I wear my armor of god pjs. (Make sure to check out the ABC's under the Salvation section.)

What would you do if one day your dog turned around to show you her ass and you saw this? God bless Agnes. God bless Agnes' ass.

This church has found flash and in the way of supersizing churches, appears to have also supersized their website. Is this really necessary?

Want to be frightened? Really frightened? Jesus Camp. You know I have to see this movie.

And finally...seen at a Portland ATM...

Props to JaAmLo for always providing my Jesus links.


purpletwinkie said...

OMG LOL OMG LOL OMG That dog's BUTT!!! I am laughing mine off over here! So funny!!!

Lee said...

you know I'm on a Jesus Camp kick, right? childhood flashbacks and the PJs, I'm guessing they're flame resistant??

rodger said...

Okay mentioned being in your brain the other day...see what I posted earlier this month?

This is getting scary!

bemused said...


What kind of mental processes were going on in that person's brain to see Jesus' image in a dog's butt? That's wrong - and creepy - on so many levels. I mean, come on, will this be the next Rorschach ink blot type test to see how truly faithful someone is? "What do you see in this butt?"

The other stuff you posted... well, let's just say I can't even figure out where to begin with the laughable but scary crap.

Twisted, twisted, twisted.

witchtrivets said...

I do believe Jesus on a dog butt does top all other sitings. "Jesus on a dog's butt" sounds like a good expletive, too. Could replace "crap on a stick" in my repertoire. Not quite as disgusting as far as imagery, but far more offensive.

Anonymous said...

Now you know why CFUFS - Chronic Fuck-Up Fatigue Syndrome has kept me out of the blogosphere for a week again.

I might get the jammies though....I had no idea satin would protect me from Satan ;)

lil sis