Tuesday, September 26, 2006

To the lame jerks on TriMet who don't get up for pregnant ladies

Warning: Rant Follows
I have a friend who is soon to have a child burst forth from her body. She's pregnant. Really pregnant. Like due in 2 weeks pregnant. (She's not as pregnant as Katie Holmes is in this photo, which BTW, continues to haunt me because it is so unbelievable!) My friend told me today about her encounters on the bus and MAX during rush hour and the buses are thick with people. Actually, she told me this as she was heading out with her backpack on her back and her purse in her hand and her belly out TO HERE.

People aren't getting up for her on the bus. Wait, I should reword that. The young guys who "look like trouble" are getting up for her. And the women. But the businessmen? The suits? "They pretend they don't see me." WTF? You see a pregnant woman and you don't get up and give her your seat? Yesterday a woman with a baby got up to give her a seat and my friend told her it was okay, she had a baby to balance and should keep her seat. The woman insisted, saying she knows what it's like, and of course my friend should sit down. All the while, the man in the suit sitting next to her pretended to not hear this exchange nor see the pregnant belly and mom with baby playing nice over who should sit down. HELLO. THEY SHOULD BOTH SIT DOWN AND YOU MR. BUSY BUSINESS MAN SHOULD GET YOUR ASS UP!

Portland. Portland! How I love thee. But this is a disgrace. Didn't your mothers teach you manners that when a woman with a child, with child, or elderly gets on, you offer your seat?!?!

I'll now go off and tsk tsk tsk to myself while shaking my head.


purpletwinkie said...

You go LeLo. I'm right behind you, and...have given up my seat on more than one occasion.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately this does not suprise me. It's amazing the lack of manners that most people posess.

Corina said...

This is a true story, when I was 40 plus weeks pregnant with Tarzan there would be times when people wouldn't even make room for me to hold on to the poll. I just bounced around like a pinball. The only people that would ever over me a seat were little old ladies with walkers, and I couldn't take there seats. Another time some fucking lady pushed me in to the window because I was in her way.

Corina said...

ugh, I ment offer instead of over.

StePHen said...

i'd like to say that i understand why some people dont give up their seat but... yeah i just really dont... especially for this pregnant (as a house) friend of yours!

Monogram Queen said...

That sucks. The "suits" are the worst. Yeah, the WORST. Asshats, the lot of em'.

pack of 2 said...

Well that is just sad. I can't believe a person would even need to be taught such a thing...sheesh!


CrackerLilo said...

It's the same way in NYC, and I hate it. Some guys act like feminism gave them the right to be jerks.

Katie Holmes' belly really was quite oddly-shaped.

rodger said...

Yup...Asshats!! I give up my seat to women period...and older gentlemen.

I also hold the door for them and anyone else within a few steps distance regardless of sex, age or circumstance.

In fact, if I were on the bus watching these two women discuss who should sit, I'd have a few words for the suit and the whole damn bus would hear. He'd have jumped off at the next stop glowing red!

Unknown said...

Oh . . . I love it. I love waking up in the morning to see a rant about TriMet. How I miss my own rants about TriMet.

Go get 'em, Girl!


brett said...

i for one ask people to move for older or disabled individuals. i ride max and there usually is an instance per week where someone really needs to sit down and a young able person is not giving up the seat. embarrassing them usually works.
i did have a great experience this past summer. on the way home on MAX, at the rose quarter, all the teenagers get on after school. usually a raucous bunch who tell and cus and so forth. One young kid was sitting talking to his two friends who were standing. a woman got on board and grabbed the pole while looking around for a seat. the young man didn't budge, but get this - his buddies laid into him for it, fully embarassing him for not giving up his seat. with statements like "you know better." and "what would your mom think about you not giving up that seat?" he got up and gave the woman his seat eventhough she didn't really need it and stated that to the young man.
this shows me that someone somewhere is still teaching proper manners.