Thursday, September 21, 2006

Sunflower is the state flower of Kansas

Took some photos in Kansas...including in this field of sunflowers. How can you pass these and not stop your car to take a photo? The sky there is so huge, and the fields go on forever.
Kansas state flower up close
A field of sunflowers
Here's a panoramic via the wonders of can see the farmer in his tractor on the side. Of course we waved at each other. Everyone in rural Kansas waves. I like that. It's sort of a lifting of the fingers wave, not lifting your hand from the steering wheel if you're driving, but an acknowledgement of the other person.
My dad spoke at my grandfather's funeral and said that his dad always waved at motorists going by the farm. It didn't matter if he knew them or not, he waved. He asked him once why he did that, and grandpa said it just made him feel good. I think that's a good answer.


purpletwinkie said...

I'm waving. Not lifting of my hand wave, but the lifting of my fingers from the keyboard wave. :)

Zoe said...

We saw a few fields of sunflowers last weekend. They were huge fields, 100's of acres,it was awesome. And yes we stopped to take pictures, unfortunately we only had the camera on our phones. I have never seen sunflowers grown like that in our state, the corn and soy bean state.

Anonymous said...

GORGEOUS pictures! I'm sorry for your family's loss but I know the time your Grandpa was around, he made everyone's life shine. That's always a good waving to random motorists! :-)

Monogram Queen said...

He sounds like a gentle, warm, friendly soul. I'm waving too

*lifts pointer finger from keyboard*