Friday, September 22, 2006


Transformation. That's what I'm going for. And if I had a keyword for right now, it would be that. Got the hairs cut. And you know I write about that here. Take for example here. So here's the new do for you...
New haircut

It's been awhile since I did a self portrait. Self Portrait Tuesday became Self Portrait Challenge, and, well, it's just not so appealing anymore. Am I fickle? Probably. Screw the challenge. I like the exploration. I've taken a few days off from life to just be, to be me, to think, to work in the garden, to walk Wink, to cook, to create, to shuffle around the house. My grandfather's death is making me think about me. I'm thankful for that. But back to the topic. Here's my new hair. Cut some great length, and added more bangs. After years of growing out my bangs. Yes, yes that's true. It's only hair, people.

Wink also got a haircut. Here's her before picture:
Wink before her haircut

And here's Wink after:
Wink after her haircut

And then there's the two of us with our new haircuts:
The new haircut girls together

I know you're admiring the temperature control thing in the background in those pictures. I was trying to get the new lighting fixture in the picture but alas, didn't pull that off. I love this new lamp, and it's perfect timing as we enter the days of less and less daylight....
New lighting fixture


DogMa said...

I don't know who's or Winkster! (or the lamp.)



(I wish I had the cajones to cut my nasty hair.BLEH.Good 4 U.)

LeLo said...

AdRi says that first photo totally doesn't look like me. Let's just say it's very complimentary.

If you like the lamp, you can see them and others by the same company at
It should be noted that I've seen this lighting fixture at several shops in my travels, but have never wanted to schlep it back to portland on the plane. AdRi was traveling and saw it, bought it for me, and schlepped it back on the plane. Aaaawwww....

Anonymous said...

You are both so super duper duper cute; We miss Winky so much.
Thanks for humoring me on the phone the other night, let's just say, I had a WEE BIT of Pinot Noir!!!

Zoe said...

Love the haircut. Now you can make your bangs look like PJ O'Rourke.

purpletwinkie said...

love the new doos :)

Gravely Gay said...

Oooh, sleek and sexy. I like it.

Monogram Queen said...

You are both fab-oo dahling :) The hair is so chic!

Rozanne said...

Great new style.

I totally know what you mean by wanting the transformation thing to happen. I'm about a third of the way thru mine at present.