Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Answering the eternal question, "Why do I blog?" I've been tagged.

I blog in the same way that cultural geography was my favorite class in college—even though I was a communications major. I'm intrigued with how people communicate, creative exploration (outside traditional and formal writing), and how people interact with each other (social interaction). I'm also intrigued with technology, and blogging was something tangible and immediate I could learn and make. And finally, I've always wanted to be a succesful diary keeper, and never quite attained that goal.

I started blogging twice before I kicked it into gear here at Lelo in Nopo. My other blogs both began in the first few days of the year, once in 2002, and again in 2003. I think my first blog was called "Are you there God, it's me Margaret." But they fizzled out and didn't really stick. (And ladies, who among us didn't read that transformative Judy Bloom book as a girl?!)

Through Lelo (which, by the way, I assume you all know that's not my real name)I've met some really fantastic people, and even made some great friends in real life. I would never have met them otherwise, as our paths just wouldn't cross. I think of the fantastically witty writer who works from home here in Portland, the suburban lesbian with three kids and the cutest dog ever, and the talented chef and wonderfully deep friend in Las Vegas. I never thought my blog would connect me to new people in real life, but funny how it has. It also has given a window of my life to my parents, who visit my blog several times a week, and I'm glad this transparency is open to them: they can see their lesbian daughter is pretty normal and has the sense of humor and sarcasm they recognize as their own.

So I've had other blogs, including a gardening blog over at OregonLive (which like many of the blogs there are dying a slow and painful death). And I have a new blog in the works, as part of my new professional website. My "voice" here on Lelo sometimes sneaks into my other writing, or in my "speak" with people. It will be interesting to see how it combines with my professional voice, or doesn't.

Thanks for the tag on this meme! Go pay my new friend there a visit and check out his blog. As all memes ask, I'll tag the requisite five people to answer this question as well. You've been tagged:
1. Witchtrivets (one half of the amazingly brave lesbian couple who moved from the deep south to Portland this past year)
2. Jesus H. Christ (why does he blog? isn't that the eternal question?)
3. Purple Twinkie (because he needs some good topics and if he hasn't already answered this question he should)
4. Maggie (finding her way in Montana with wit, humor and a whole lotta patience)
5. Neva Miss Feva (our strange coincidence of living in the same town while being from the same hometown and her bravery in living with lupus inspires me)

So these are many of the reasons and stories behind why I blog. Why do you blog?


Neva said...

Did you hear that Judy Blume wrote a sequel to "Are you there God? it's me Margaret"? It's called "Margaret? It's God. Please shut the fuck up." BA-dum-bum!!

And thanks for the tag and the kind words! I'll put this on my list of projects today...

Rozanne said...

Ditto on the kind words!!!

Yeah, I never in a million years thought blogging would yield me some new friends, but that's certainly been the best benefit.

I love that you tagged Jesus, or J. Hank (as you call him). I hope he does the meme.

I read all those Judy Blume books and Are You There God, certainly left a huge impression on me. I think I had to read it clandestinely! Times have changed.

witchtrivets said...

Thanks for the tag and your description. That right there has been a benefit of blogging -- but one I never expected -- to get to meet all sorts of cool people. Now for the rest of my reasoning...

Anonymous said...

Wait, you know another suburban lesbian with three kids and a cute dog???

Oh, you were talking about me!!!

You and AdRi are great, great friends and I feel truly blessed that blogging brought us together!

purpletwinkie said...

Thanks for the kind words... I love you too.

Now that the mushy stuff is out of the way...

"because he needs some good topics"

Are you implying my blog is stale?

Monogram Queen said...

Well Lelo all I can say is I sure am glad you started blogging because I sure do enjoy reading you and living in NoPo vicariously through you :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you blog. You always have thoughtful, insightful things to say. Even your fluff isn't fluffy - it always has meaning. That's why I feel bad when I haven't checked on you in awhile.

And your sense of humor just rocks! Your parents must be proud :)

I too blog to make myself keep a diary. Something about doing it online makes it seem more obligatory. Also, now that I'm recovering from 3 years of fatigue and pain, the blogging is getting easier. Not to mention it was fun to share a bit of my life (finding Mr. Wonderful via match.com) with the world. I remember your reaction to all that when I moved in with him. You said something about how we've watched me come full circle in the relationship. I really appreciate your observation on that....you, like Mr. Wonderful, pay attention to the details and how they add up. Shows your high intellectual and emotional intelligence :)

So thanks for blogging and being one of my inspirations!

reasonably prudent poet said...

dude, you keep getting mentioned in jesus christ's blog!! at this rate, you'll die and go to, like... heaven...