Thursday, June 28, 2007

Better living through lists

Things that have my panties in a bunch today
  1. Anything related to Paris Hilton
  2. Tweakers who walk down the street yelling at each other
  3. People who don't pick up after their dogs
  4. Bloggers who don't follow blogging etiquette
  5. Stupid people
  6. All the white men in power raging about abortion
  7. Comcast's inabilities to provide clear signals for local stations
  8. How much the new iPhone is. I really want one.
  9. Having an ultrasound, and not for a good thing
Cathartic. What's on your list today?


Kathryn said...

I'm with you, seriously, I'm with you in every way. Thinking of you and sending all of my good wishes and love to you and your family, and no where will I mention Paris Hilton. No, not gonna do it.

Syd said...

Good luck with the ultrasound. (Crossing my fingers that I haven't breached some blogging etiquette)

Jay said...

Paris Hilton is a changed woman now. Shame on you for trying to take that from her.

I would (seriously) love for you to elaborate on the concept of blogging etiquette. It seems like everyone has different opinions about this, and I'm curious about what they are. So spill.

Noir said...

1. People who drive slow in the fast lane.

2. People who suddenly stop in their tracks when you're following close behind them, like at the bottom of an escalator.

3. Bad restaurants in NoPo.

4. People who preface stupid questions with "this is probably a stupid question, but...".

5. Help Wanted ads asking for the impossible, and expecting to pay less than competitive wages for it.

6. Another Reality Series featuring people competing for peanuts doing something relatively uninteresting.

7. Blame it all on video games.

8. Why is Marijuana still illegal if everybody smokes it anyway?

9. Second-hand smoke nazis. I guess I won't be seeing them at a summer barbecue? One could only hope.

10. Anne Coulter is hung better than I am.

LeLo said...

Thanks RSG and Syd: I have faith it will work out. Just not fun.
Blog Portland: If you don't use your full or real name in a blog, and someone else knows your real name and puts the two of you together in a blogpost of their own? Uh, that's not cool. I know I'm not anonymous, but I don't really want to show up in google, you know? It seems like most people know that but evidently not. That's my two cents on blogging etiquette. What do you think it is?
Noir: Damn, that is an awesome list and I'm right there with you on just about everything on yours. Anne Coulter is a See You Next Tuesday!

Alan Cordle said...

So you're saying the YTs (yelling tweekers) left NEPO and moved to NOPO? Finally, some peace and quiet! And thanks for the mocktail, Lelo.

Trop said...

I hope the ultrasound brings you good news Lelo.

I've long been tempted to blog a peeve post. Maybe now is the time.