Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Northwest Meat Company

One of my most favorite signs in North Portland. So classic, so basic, so straightforward. I've been meaning to get a photo of this sign because I know it will be gone soon.
Meat for sale


purpletwinkie said...

It will be gone soon?


And I thought that black tarp was the unveiling.

Anonymous said...

Great sign choice. I love the new sign project. You should get some of the old neon hotel signs along Interstate Ave...The Crown Motel won't be long for this world; its very cool.

Monogram Queen said...

Made me think of the sign on the Old Capital Bread Building in my hometown. I love old things and am so sad when they are replaced :(

Jay said...

Funny story; I've got the same sign hanging above my bed, except mine doesn't have a picture of a cow on it.

Syd said...

It will be hanging in Lelo's office within 30 days.

Ryan said...

I'm sorry i ruiend your appetite, but for what it's worth this picture has sent mine into overdrive. Very cool.