Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Have some ice cream, now go next door

Continuing on the theme of signs of North Portland, here's the fabulous classic front of The Portland Ice Cream Company. The ice cream vans playing those irritating jingles through your neighborhood most likely fill up here, as I've seen them parked out front. Why the air conditioner unit is tagged "more" is beyond me.
The Portland Ice Cream Company
And when you're done with your ice cream, you can go next door to Alcoholics Anonymous for a little 12-step. In espanol.
next door to The Portland Ice Cream Company


Patti_Cake said...

Ice Cream and spanish AA is a VERY odd combo!

Anonymous said...

I have been wondering where to find an espanol AA meeting.

Anonymous said...

If I couldn't have a bourbon on the rocks, then I guess I'd be happy with an ice cream?

rodger said...

They need to trade spaces so the 12 steppers can have the 1212 address. Much easier to remember after backsliding.

Maggie said...

I bet they don't sell Butter Rum ice cream.