Saturday, June 23, 2007

Something strange is afoot at the home of this Duck

I live with a Duck. (I, myself, am a Wildcat.) But this Duck who shall not be named is an avid Duck. Once I wore orange on the day of Civil War and was called a traitor and had to go change. All I did was get dressed. Sheesh. So it's with great humor I overhead this conversation this afternoon, between the Duck and her dog.
"This is a duck household, Wink. Duck. However, we support college baseball. ANY team from Oregon. Got that? ANY team. Even if they're orange and black and from Corvallis, they're still from Oregon. Game starts at 4:10. We're going to support them!" I believe this was all in preparation for watching this afternoon's game.

I can't believe my favorite duck is actually rooting for the Beavers. And for those of you from out of state and smirking, yes, it's the Beavers.


Maggie said...

And it continues no matter where they live! One of my coworkers is a Duck Fan and oh lord! Game Day is "Quack! Quack!"

Neva said...

I don't worry about this Duck and Beaver nonsense, 'cause I'm a Griz myself. :-)

purpletwinkie said...



I've been an Eagle, a Warrior, a Chieftain, a Cougar, a Bulldog, and a Rebel.

And I'm exhausted.

bemused said...

Hubby's a Beav. I've given him grief that the two beg state universities have such lame (sorry, Duck fans) mascots. I mean, honestly, ducks and beavers aren't exactly scary (the animals, that is, I've seen some mighty frightening fans).

I myself am a Scout and a Panther. Now those are imposing mascots.

btw, I've known more than a few Duck and Beaver fans who will root for the other team provided they are not playing each other.

bemused said...

Oops, make that "big" not "beg" state universities.

Although considering the cost of attending university these days, we may be beggers by the time we pay for college.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about Wink, but Ginger is, a Dog.

Monogram Queen said...

Hmmm in HS I was a golden bear, in college an Eagle.

bemused said...

I must confess...I've been playing that dramatic chipmunk YouTube video over and over and over - and getting a good giggle out it every single time.

Simple pleasures for simple minds.