Monday, March 31, 2008

Who let the bees out?

Bee in your bonnet
This is a part of that great mural out at Edgefield in Troutdale. Probably my favorite in the whole place. And probably because "I have a bee in my bonnet" is one of my favorite sayings. Here's to a bee bonnet free week. Good luck with that.


Neva said...

ha! I have so many bees in my bonnet, I'm wearing a hive like the woman in the mural! :-)

Syd said...

Ewe, Lelo. That's creepy.

OK, I know dick about art. But still..

Anonymous said...

You should totally give Mikayla a picture of this for her birthday! It might help her get over her incredible Bee Phobia. Or not. I've never seen a person with more of an issue with bees. I think she needs to by hypnotized.

Unknown said...

I love bees and honey and think this mural is so cool!

Anonymous said...

Ha! Lelo I know that mural! It's one of my favorites at The Edgefield- go figure. I am all about the bees.
We took the kids there a couple years ago. We spent the better part of a day wandering the halls looking at and discussing the murals.
DD thinks the place is haunted. BB thinks the whole place is just weird. Honey and I stay there as often as we can.
How fun that you posted that picture. Great memories.