Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The life of a D-Listed Blogger

The bloggers being interviewed
If you're watching KGW, or the live streaming feed on kgw.com, you may be seeing the interview seen here with the bloggers in da howze. As seen above. (I don't know many bloggers that wear full on suits to blog but apparently Len does. Go Len!) First of all, I'm not in that section. No, I'm 4 desks over, in the area that's not lit up for on-air. And I'm fine with that. Really. SRSLY. I am. But I'm not alone. I have my TV monitor. wOOt! And my new friend Kevin. He's here too. I checked in over at his blog and it looks like he's actually reporting on things like election outcomes. I need to find out how I can get into the studio. I have some important questions to ask. Okay, me and my camera are off and about....
screen on screen and that's live!

1 comment:

Samuel John Klein said...

Naw, naw, now ... you're B+ at the very least! Me, I'm on the D list.

We bask in your radiance. Seriouslys!