Saturday, May 10, 2008

You can't say the St Johns parade isn't unique

Today was the St. Johns parade. Our local neighborhood parade, but it's a long-time North Portland tradition. The chess club team marches, there are a few bands, little league teams and many candidates running for positions. Of course the mayor, fire chief, etc. It's one of my favorite North Portland activities because it's definitely a slice of life. Scary and delightful all in one. And so I share the scary with you, my dear readers.
We are Clowns for Christ
There were lots and lots church contingents. Lots. But this one took the cake. Clowns for Christ was their theme, and some of those placards on the van say "Whose clown are you?'" and "We are clowns for Christ." Could it be true? Clowns for Christ?
These are clowns for Christ
It's true. There were lots, and lots of clowns for Christ. And really, nothing says thank you Jesus like a bunch of people dressed up like clowns, right?

For more photos and stories of the 2008 St. Johns Parade, I have a new post here.


Anonymous said...

heh heh heh heh heh to infinity and beyond.

My kids were so happy with their gutter candy. One of the moms told them, "Pick it all up! All of it! Or they won't let us throw it next year. Is that stupid or what?"

Anonymous said...

Ah, you beat me to it! I'll still post some pix tomorrow, but you said it better than I could. There can be no better way to say "Thank you, Jesus!"

LeLo said...

Wacky mommy - A guy with the people with the JC on their t-shirts throwing candy (JC=Jesus Christ) came up to Wink to give her a Sweet Tart. Seriously, leaned down to give it to her, offering it. AdRi and I were like, Uh, no, our dog doesn't eat candy, thinking, what is this guy, crazy? JC must do crazy things to your mind, that's all I can say. Am I going to hell for saying this?

Steve - your photos are dee-liteful and just inspired me to post mine. You bet I have more coming, but the Clowns for Christ were really the creme de la creme, weren't they?!

Anonymous said...

Wink: "Don't listen to the ladeees, Winky like candeee! Give Winky candeee now please. Thank you, Jesus Christ Guy."

OK yesterday when I told my kids about the parade, "There will be rides! And pirates!" both of them snarled (and I do mean snarled -- went all surly), "Real pirates, OR JUST PEOPLE DRESSED UP AS PIRATES?"

"Yeah, because the people dressed up as pirates? That is just TOO little kiddish."

Me: "Uh. People dressed up as pirates, I am thinking."

Both kids: grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Damn, I knew they'd eventually figure out those imposters weren't "real" pirates. (But they were "real" Clowns for Christ, were they not?) I love the photos you took.

Janet said...

You have left me speechless - what a glimpse of "Americana".


The Guy Who Writes This said...

Looks like those clowns need to stop eating the sinners and get healthy.

Alan Cordle said...

I just hope they graduated from Clown Bible College or I won't be able to take them seriously.

Anonymous said...

I looked for you...I missed you again. Sad me.

I love the complete and utter lack of pretension at the St. John's Parade.

We've got the Alberta St. Art Hop Parade next weekend. Our family is committed to one of the school bands.

Maybe we'll see you there...

Unknown said...

Clowns for JC? Seriously? I am terrified of clowns, so the idea of this is horribly scary to me. I just wonder 'how' they came up with this idea? I mean, where is the connection? Fascinating!

Anonymous said...

"The Clown Ministry is a fun and exciting way to witness for Chirst."

I just googled it, and it seems to be a "serious" movement.

So sad I missed this!


Kathryn said...

I'm with Lisa--terrified of clowns, but I do like a parade now and then. Next time you NoPo'ers need to invite those of us who live in the suburbs to your fun times to be had.

Anonymous said...

The New Age mega-church down in Wilsonville (is it even still there?) had a clown college. Talk about being serious about clowning.

Christian clowns, New Age clowns, anarchist clowns on tall bikes... where will it end?

I put up a few more Clowns for Christ pics up on my blog.

Anonymous said...

My wife was afraid of clowns until she met me. Well, not really, it took a little bit longer than just meeting me, but love was bigger than fear. She's been on some parades now, make up and all, but Saturday it was interesting. I had never seen a clown afraid of another clown. Hell, even I was afraid of them! One of our group's little kids was running for the candies and stuff being thrown, too bad they were made of everything that could kill him... We (former Alberta Street Clown House, now Broke Bike Mounters) have our believes, message, whatever, but nothing comes before laughter. If you can't make someone smile, you shouldn't call yourself a clown. These people make us look silly (Thank Goodness!).

Nice photos!

LeLo said...

Three cheers for Pinga de Clown! You were obviously of a different clown contingent and we could tell: you weren't scary. You and your awesome bikes were, well, awesome.

Anonymous said...

clowns for christ, wow. I've been in lots (and I mean hundreds, I marched in/taught drum coprs) of parades, and I've never seen that before, score you!

Anonymous said...
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