Saturday, May 31, 2008

Save the water for the Slip 'n' Slide

Cytisus Battandieri
My latest Sassy Gardener column is out on the streets. You can read it on-line here: how to be water wise in your garden.

Is this where I admit I only have half of my soaker hoses in yet? Sigh. This weekend, I swear!

The photo seen above is Cystisus Battandieri, also known as Pineapple Broom. It's one of my favorite drought tolerant plants, and the flowers are in full bloom right now. They smell like pineapple.


Anonymous said...

i'm making a list of your recommendations on plants RIGHT NOW. in between gardening. happy weekend, Lelo and Adri!

A Lewis said...

Hey, does NOT wanting a yard (and, rather, a condo or townhome) count? Now, that's some serious water savings. And it's MY kind of savings.