Tuesday, August 17, 2010

If you're looking for me...

sun catcher
...I'm right here.
Here, in this chair.
Catching the sun.
Breathing in the warmth.
Closing my eyes and listening to the geese flying overhead between the two rivers in between which I live.
Here, where the dragonflies soar through the garden and out into this clearing of cool, green grass.
Here, where the hummingbirds buzz by my ear on their way to slurp from the fountain of water. Here, in this chair, facing the rays of the sun as the sky has cleared in this normally cool, grey place.

I may be passing this chair as I take buckets of weeds to the yard debris bin.
Or on my way to water the front side yard.

Maybe this chair is holding a picnic blanket to dry between heavy summer use.
Or maybe, just maybe, this chair is what I pass every time I leave and come home to my house between meetings and errands. Or gaze out at while on a conference call.

It's reminding me it's summer.
"It's summertime and I'm here when you're ready" it whispers to me.

I hear that chair, I do.
And I'm trying so hard to truly listen to it and its siren call.
To relax.
To pause a while.
To drink in the Vitamin D pouring from the sky.
To breathe in the heat into my lungs and to slowly exhale, completely.

Summer of 2010 is at its height right now, and the back-to-school ads have begun rotation.

"If not now, when?" the chair asks.
"Soon," I reply.

I commit to now, to pause, and to heat.
To summertime drank out of a garden hose and sun tea steeping close by.
Commit. To. The. Chair. Commit to summer 2010.


Heather said...

What a great photo - I love the crispness of the chair juxtaposed with the fuzzy garden behind.

A Lewis said...

I have done very little breathing this summer. Very little meditating, centering and focusing. My loss.

Jennifer said...

I love this ......