Friday, April 22, 2005

BJ and the Bear is Killer Chimp. Seriously.

You know that horrible story in SoCal about the guy who had his face ripped off by his pet chimp? Turns out the chimp was one of the chimps who played Bear from BJ and the Bear. Ah, for the sweet love of jesus. That show was a classic of my childhood, hangin’ in the beanbag chairs with Ja’amlo, watching BJ (short for Billie Joe McKay) travel the country in his big ol’ red semi-truck. The lure of the wide open road, a super cute trucker, with a heart of gold cuz his best friend is a chimp. To relive the glory of the show, go here.

But back to the point at hand.
Freaked out.
His loving caretaker.
No. I mean bad.
“Davis, 62, currently lies in a medically induced coma in a California hospital, his nose chewed off and his genitals and limbs severely mauled.” Yeah. That bad. You can read the whole sad story here.


Anonymous said...

ah another "tales from the white beanbag"

I told you that chimp was up to no good!

LeLo said...

My tales come from the brown beanbag. Yours was the white beanbag. Until I took it with me to college.

Anonymous said...

It wasn;t the chimp that attacked James Davis. It was two others at the compound. Sam was the name of the chimpa that played Bear, not Moe....the Davises chimp which had nothing to do with the attack.