Thursday, April 21, 2005

Morrison Bridge Causes Stupidity & Attracts Stupidity

What is it with people and cars on the Morrison bridge? I travel it daily, and work from an office with a view overlooking the bridge. In fact, I'm looking at the bridge right now. It's morning drivetime and there's a pedestrian out there thinking they're going to cross the four lanes of traffic--because they have failed to use the proper pedestrian access route on the bridge. It's going to be a game of frogger.

Note to pedestrians: don't trust the drivers on the Morrison bridge.

(And if you're not familiar with the Morrison bridge, it's one of those Portland bridges with metal grating across the center span because it has to go up and down for river traffic.)

Note to drivers: the metal grating is slippery. Don't change lanes on it. Don't drive fast on it. Don't haul ass and pull in front of me and then slam on your brakes on it. Because you will slide. Just a few weeks ago it was all over the news when a driver did some of this exact slip-n-slide action, and drove right through the guardrail and off the bridge into the river. Surprise people! Almost daily I see ambulances, cop cars and fire engines huddled around crumpled cars on the death trap known as the Morrison Bridge.

Slow it on down out there. Use the pedestrian access. Don't try to pull a U-Turn on the bridge (I see it all the time!). Be nice to each other. That crazy bridge has it out for all of us. Don't be its next victim.


Anonymous said...

I used to travel on the Morriosn Bridge quite frequently ... then I experienced a series of situations that changed my life on that Bridge. I no longer go over the Morrison Bridge.

Within a 3 month spand ... starting May 2004. I was the key witness to Lynda's death on the Morrison Bridge, I was rearended in my car the next month, and saw another terrible accident. Since then I have heard of many more issues with the Morrison Bridge. In fact just last weekend there was another death.

When will the city do something about it? How many more people will have to die or come close to death before something changes???

I am just about to take to the streets!

Anonymous said...

i think themorrisonis the best bridge ever

Anonymous said...

i love the morrison bridge