Thursday, April 14, 2005

These are real people you’re talking about when you talk about gay marriage

My life has been judged upon by the Oregon Supreme Court, by my fellow Oregonians, and by a president proposing an amendment to “protect marriage.” I’m part of one of the couples ya’ll are talking about. And voting on. And ruling upon.

Today was yet another blow. This time by the Oregon Supreme Court, who ruled that my marriage is invalid. Invalid? How can it be invalid? We’ve been together nine and a half years. We were married in our local church. We had a huge wedding party this summer with our parents, families, and friends from all over the country, celebrating our wedding. My father welcomed my partner into the family. I fully came out to everyone in my life. We were on such a high.

And then came this fall’s election, and November. A majority of voters in Oregon declared that marriage was to only be between a man and a woman. I heard things during the campaign season that made me shudder: people holding my relationship up as comparison to polygamy, or bestiality. Or declaring gay households dangerous to children. Bible thumping. (wait, what happened about the difference between church and state?!) The Baptist church in my neighborhood became one of the largest funders of the campaign declaring my marriage a threat to society.

But I held out hope for Oregon’s Supreme Court ruling. And I was let down today. My brother reminds me it’s just a piece of paper. My colleague asks if we can go somewhere else to be married (once again, Canada is looking pretty good). BRO says there’s hope in the way the ruling was stated. Yes, I hear all of these things out there, and tomorrow I’ll see my glass half full and will continue the fight.

But today? No. Today, I’m sad, and mad, let down. I don’t understand why and how people can see such a personal part of my life as something so politically charged. How can my relationship be such a threat to so many people?

When people rail off about Multnomah County, the “liberals”, the “homosexual agenda”, the bible and everything else they’re so pissed off about, I wish they’d try to keep in mind that underneath it all there are real people here. Real couples. We’re your neighbors, your sisters, your coworkers, and your friends. What is everyone so scared of?


Anonymous said...

Don't worry - operation cupperware is in motion.

More reports from behind enemy lines soon.

Anonymous said...

Day number 2 of operation cupperware has been a full success. Refueled with 4th day of chili for lunch. They no longer think that dead rats are decomposing in the rafters, but can't pinpoint the source of the smell.

remember, the secret password for operation cupperware is fartingonyourconservativecoworkers

Anonymous said...

The weekend detox has been horrendous. We had to get some grocery shopping done saturday, and I think I got what was left out. A lady with a jean suit with embroidered flag on back go it the worst. It was in the pickle section that it went down.... 5 days of chili gas was delivered, my eyes instantly watered, even as I dissapeared around the corner. I'm pretty sure she died.

LeLo said...

ja'amlo, what would i do without my back up in tejas?
you go get 'em.
just walk away quickly.