Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I'm Sorry, Kansas

I'm Sorry, Kansas

Oh Kansas. Land of sweet farm-visiting memories, salt-of-the-earth, sunflowers, and places like the Bern Cafe. I'm sorry you voted to amend your constitution, banning gay marriage. Yes, I knew it would probably happen: sheesh, it happened here in Oregon. But I guess I was still holding out on the words of Kansas cousin this weekend who said she didn't think it would pass because "here in Kansas, we believe in live and let live."

Here's one of the many, many signs I saw this weekend between Kansas City and Sabetha. This one joins a church sign, but others in front of homes used the slogan "It's common sense: protect traditional marriage". Hmm. What exactly is there that needs to be protected?

I'm sorry, Kansas. I guess I was holding out hope. I still love you, even if you think I'm not worthy of rights like being buried next to my partner, sharing an assisted-living facility room, or seeing each other in the hospital. But then again, we know marriage isn't really the issue, don't we?

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Anonymous said...

Old news, I know, but Wacky Mommy just tipped me off to your utter coolness. I'm a Kansan, seriously, of the Lawrence, KS sort. This is exactly what planted the seed of my defection a few years ago. Now I have just one more year before I have my bachelors degree and then me and my GAY PARTNER OF 10 YEARS (so very many heteros have married and divorced in that time) are hauling ass up to Portland. Can't wait to join you.