Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Meet the Butt Burner

Meet the Butt Burner

scrreeeechhh ouch! That's the sound of skin sticking and scooting down a hot metal slide in the middle of Kansas' summer heat.

Meet The Butt Burner. The awesome kick-ass wavy air-catching classic slide across the street from my "in town" Grandma's Sabetha house. And surprise. It's still there.

The Butt Burner. No slide like this would ever make it into a new park today. No way. It's tall, and it's fast. And it's hard, hot metal. Soaking up Kansas heat and sun, it gets so hot you can see the heat waves rising from it. It really could cook an egg in the middle of summer. Daring to ride this hot mama meant throwing sand down it first, to help with the heat, and to increase the speed. The bumps meant it was actually possible to catch a little air, but if you chickened out and tried to go slow, it was always possible your skin would stick and you'd screech screech screech down it. No fear on the Butt Burner. No fear.

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