Monday, April 25, 2005

New gardening blog

Yo yo yo. I'm posting my gardening stuff over at OregonLive now. Stay here for my regular rants, strange neighborhood postings, and basic crap, but for lots of goods about gardening, go Go Here.


Rozanne said...

Looks like there's no way to comment on the Big O blog. That sux. It seems that everything connected with Oregonlive always has to be user unfriendly (not your fault, of course).

Anyway. Three cheers for assisted sodicide!

I Kevorkianed all the grass in my backyard a few years ago. One of the best things I ever did.

LeLo said...

Hey Rozanne;
I know and I agree. That sucks about no comments. Sorry! I'll still post here miscellaneous things, particularly from my fantastic advertising/recipe booklet collection....and RANTS, or course.

The grass is slowly disappearing at our place here in NoPo. What grass is left better look good and behave, or it's gone to. DO YOU HEAR THAT GRASS?