Sunday, August 28, 2005

Vengan todos hacer el chica boom: Get your salsa on


If you’re listening to the local Mexican radio station you know today is Salsa en la Calle.

An impressive line-up of salsa bands, great food from Andina, Salvador Molly’s and Fernando’s Hideaway, and free salsa lessons all sound good to me. Of course there’s the obligatory hands-on kids art tent and Mayor Potter will be there this afternoon: ooh la la. Salsa con el mayor!

Guess how much it costs? Nada. It’s free. So get your “pompis” to Portland’s free salsa festival today at the Eastbank Festival Plaza between 11 and 9pm. See ya there peeps.

Aye aye aye!!!!!!!


Ja'AmLo said...

those port-a-podies are gonna be HURTING in portland today.

LeLo said...

In Portland, they're called Honey Buckets.

Rigo said...

I can't Salsa, I'm an embarassment to the latin community.