Monday, September 11, 2006

Do you ever talk to the trees?

I think they can hear us when we do. What do you think this one is thinking?
Trees are amazing things
Props to JaAmLo for the amazing photo.


Happy Little Atom said...

I ALWAYS talk to the trees. They, like the ocean, reset me. Bring me back to balance. I think this is one is talking to the cutie underneath it, telling it to raise its branches and fly, reach towards the sun. Because even when we can't see it, there's always sun. And we can always fly.

FYI, I'm looking for a place to live, have to be out of here in a month. If you know of anyone who's looking for a place, too, let me know. I'd be open to roommates. I have a potential, but I just like to put the word out and then see what finds me. Happy summer!

purpletwinkie said...

One tree said to the other tree, "Do you feel that? I think that baby needs changing".

;) (grin)

Monogram Queen said...

I think the tree is thinking "I could just reach down and snuggle her in all of my branches"

Ch'i said...

I talk to them, I suppose- but it's not audible... I prefer to say that I commune with them.

Same for the river.


Corina said...

I love the Redwoods, reminds me of home.

Rozanne said...

That is a gorgeous tree. Is it a redwood? It's got a very spiky spidery canopy.

Great photo, definitely. Is that your nephew underneath?

Jay said...

One tree is saying to the other: "Do you feel that? It feels a bit warm to be water..."

Anonymous said...

There are 3 really grand oak trees in our backyard! I love them, 'cept for how their shade keeps grass growing in many places, but I love big trees. These are likely more than 100 years old. I always swore I would not move into a house unless it had REAL trees...not the landscaping crap at a McMansion. And here I am living it up in the land of real trees in a real neighborhood.

I don't talk to trees. Maybe I should. I should at least apologize for yelling at the raccoons and possums and rats to get the fuck out of here because maybe trees don't like that kind of language.

And I swear the squirrels were purposely shaking acorns out of the oaks while I was shooting pix in the backyard the other day. I swear it.

StePHen said...

what a photo for september 11th. that is almost eary yet beautiful at the same time... they look like the twin towers