Monday, November 06, 2006

Typos bug the crap out of me

I'm one of those irritating friends who see typos everywhere. And I point them out. Incorrect use of punctuation? Dreadful. I once purchased a book, found two typos within the first chapter and promptly returned the book. Can't handle that. A published book!

When it comes to my own blog I misspell things left and right. Proper punctuation and capitalization flies out the window. Run on sentences? Everywhere. Incomplete sentences? I call it my true blogging voice. This is not a news site (I know this is shocking news to you) nor is this my professional website. I could give a rats ass if I blow typos all over this place like autumn leaves being pounded out of the trees by buckets and buckets of spewing rain (sound familiar Portlanders?).

But if you're going to be a place of serious news, you best run your spellchecker. Especially on the headlines.



rodger said...

That's beautiful. I also hate it when the newscasters make up words. I heard one weather forecaster say the clouds would be "heavying" up.


purpletwinkie said...

How's your teatment going?