Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Aloha: the 50 year old postcard found in the walls of our 1910 house

The last post about the items found in the walls during our renovation introduced us to the Erwin family. Information found at the Oregon Historical Society’s Research Library tells me beginning in the mid 1930s, our house was home to several members of the Erwin family, including Jos C whose occupation was listed as Millwrt PCorp, Anna, Irene, as well as Quentin and Valley T. whose occupations were listed as Millwkr PCorp. When I saw the name, I recognized it because of the following postcard found lost between the cabinets in the kitchen...
postcard from hawaii
Postcard back
Mar 29, 1957?
27-Kai-Nani Place
Lanikai, Hawaii TH
Dear Mrs. Erwin-
These are the girls I saw dancing Sunday. A wealthy Chinaman wife had a baby boy - 1 yr old- there were 1000 of us at the feast, 5 pigs roasted under ground, sweet potatoes roasted under ground, dish long rice and chicken, all the beer you could drink Coke. I never (saw) such a feed. (Having) a grand time. Love, Eta
I can’t read the year on the postcard, but if it is 1957, the Erwin family lived here for many years.

Other stories of items found in the walls during renovation can be found here, here, and here.


The Guy Who Writes This said...

I'm really digging these posts. There was a lot done this month. It will be finished in no time now.

Monogram Queen said...

I just have to wonder... how did this stuff GET there... esp. the boxers stuff!

Drew said...

Your blog is great! I searched for Portland blogs and yours came up. I tried looking for when those postcards were made and here is the only thing I could find with the picture.

Rozanne said...

Reading that postcard just makes me hungry for more!

It is very strange that all that stuff was embedded in the walls. How did it end up there?

Anonymous said...

I love these finds. Do you know get extra excited when something gets demolished?
My friends in Florida found a bunch of beer cans in their floor boards when they were renovating.
I use to find beauty products in my walls at my former place they would slide down from the medicine cabinet and when it finally needed to be replaced you could see all this stuff - mainly bobbie pins and razors BUT your stuff is SO treasure hunter fun.
Again, thanks for sharing.

SassyFemme said...

Totally loving all these great finds that you're sharing with us!