Tuesday, January 30, 2007

This here is called INSULATION

The breeze blowing through the kitchen and against the plastic doorway has stopped. And this is the reason why...
Sweet jesus, insulation is a very good thing. The new bathroom upstairs is also full of this stuff. And the sound is amazing. So. Very. Quiet. Oh, and the cold air barreling through the house has subsided.
Now don't be jealous of what you're going to see next. I know, I know. It's damn exciting. And this isn't the only one of these up right now. Take it in people...
Admiring my plastic sheet in the living room?
That's plastic. And it smells plasticky. It divides the living room, and the big room in the basement right now. Alas I shall not complain about it because it's there to prevent the drywall dust from covering everything. Did you hear that? Drywall people! We're getting drywall! Yes, yes, yes, as if the excitement of the insulation wasn't already enough, next comes drywall. Sigh. I'm going to miss living like this. I really should take a picture of our camp kitchen in the basement. Then you'd be wicked jealous. Instead, you get a picture of Wink in this renovation. The formerly white fluffy dog is doin' her frog leg pose for you, featuring her new renovation style shade of dirty gray. MMMMMmmmmmmmmm.
Renovation dawg


Unknown said...

The work looks amazing. Really. I wouldn't say that if the plastic were all crooked and shit.


Lee said...

I'm just amazed that your contractor(s) seem to be accomplishing so much...like they respect a schedule or something...unearthed anything else recently?

witchtrivets said...

Wink is the second-most adorable dog ever -- I love the frogleg pose. Bentley does it as well. I envy you your contractor -- the way stuff seems to be getting done right and the way all of you seem to be not strangling each other. That is goodness.

Monogram Queen said...

Congrats on things going so well esp the insulation and drywall Woo Hoo!
I heart the frog leg pose. Reilly does it once in awhile (he'd rather flop on his side) but our Basset always laid that way! Wink is so adorable!

rodger said...

"...to prevent the drywall dust from covering everything."

You'll find the drywall dust has a way of covering everything anyway. Sure, a lot less but it's still going to drive you nuts for months to come.

I am amazed at the pace though. This project is moving right along.

jac said...

hi, what kind of dog is Wink? my friend has one just like Wink, but does not know what kind of dog it is. His name is Duv. he has the two toned nose like Wink