Wednesday, January 24, 2007

So how's that little remodel goin'?

I'd say it's goin' pretty good. But the dirt and dust is going to put me over the edge. But hey! The skylight in the future-bathroom upstairs went in today:
And god said, let there be light
Last week the floors in the kitchen were yanked. Here you can see the kitchen island. It's sexy hot, isn't it? WALK AROUND THE ISLAND: AROUND! (just don't step in the hole in the floor: that could hurt)
That there is our kitchen island
Exciting news? Plumbing and electrical are all in. See? Check it out...
Electrical and plumbing is in
Let's do an introduction: 1910 wiring? Meet 2007 wiring. Can we all be friends?
Really exciting news? The former zippered plastic doorway has been upgraded! Our former exterior screen door has been covered in plastic and temporarily hinged so that we have a really nice barrier and pass through from construction zone to living area.
Floors are gone...
And it keeps all of the dirt and dust out (ahahhahhahahhahahahhahahhahahha! that's a funny joke!). Sigh. It's the little things that bring me joy these days.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're managing to keep your sense of humor and spirit of adventure. ;-)

purpletwinkie said...

Love the photos and love the island!

WenWhit said...

Blogger really blows today, did you know that? Eh, that's not what I practiced incredible patience to say.

I LOVE this series; the details, the photos, and the humor. Keep 'em coming [giggle], and good luck. :)

(That dust is a bitch, isn't it?)

Anonymous said...

You certainly have more energy than I. There are so many things that could be done with this beautiful bungalow Mr. Wonderful bought, but alas, I have NO energy for it - even when I'm not in pain. gah.

But please, as wenwhit suggested, keep us posted. I enjoy it. Looks like you're doing a GREAT job :)