Friday, November 16, 2007

Life cycle ends, life cycle begins

rose hips

With the windstorm of last week taking out our fence, we had to cut down and back everything growing along it. Including the roses. Of course AdRi knew to save me the rose hips. I was going to leave them out for the birds, but they're so pretty I thought I'd bring them in for awhile and enjoy their orangeness at this orange time of year.
Growing the Christmas bulb. All tucked in its terrarium with stones and moss and everything. I love growing bulbs inside. It just needs a tiny little turtle in there, doesn't it?


Rozanne said...

What is up with those freak-ass gourds? Every year, there's a new and even more bizarre kind. What are they hybridizing them with? Warthogs, trumpets, ?????

Anonymous said...

WOW! Once again, you're teaching us. I would NEVER have considered the beauty of the rose hip in the house...all vased. It's gorgeous. Sorry it cost the price of fence repair, but thanks for the lesson.

Anonymous said...

You infuse your life--and ours--with beauty. Thank you!

Monogram Queen said...

Yes it is gorgeous and you gotta at least try to make lemonade out of lemons!
A little green turtle would be JUST the ticket. Named Timmy.