Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ellen asks John McCain about same-sex marriage, and he's speechless

There's something about Ellen that's just getting better and better. It used to be that she didn't talk about her "personal life." And we all know what that means. But lately, she's been putting herself out there, and her beliefs, a little bit more. Since the California ruling that will allow gays and lesbians to marry in that state, she has been bubbling over with excitement, as has her audience, with talk about marrying her long time (and hot!) girlfriend, reading up on Modern Bride (sarcasm) and today, she's set to interview John McCain. The old Ellen wouldn't have asked about the gay marriage equation. But I think now that Ellen is experiencing it—the ability to get married—it's like she's blooming and becoming fully authentic with us her viewers and audience. She's putting herself out there.

This is a great clip. Great for Ellen's articulate and plain-as-day questions, and incredibly telling as McCain really has no response or anything to offer for his rationale, except for noting they respectfully disagree on this topic. You know why? Because he has no valid rationale. There is none. And I'm glad these questions leave him speechless.

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Anonymous said...

speechless? that wasn't speechless. The man, a republican, indicated he supports equal legal rights for homosexuals. That's awesome.

I might vote for him.


LeLo said...

I believe we respectfully disagree.
John McCain

SRSLY: uh, no. I don't think so Denise.

Anonymous said...

I would have to agree that McCain supporting "legal agreements/insurance" does not equal supporting LGBT equality.

Kudos to Ellen for putting it out there.

Eileen said...

Im stood up and cheered when Ellen asked him that! Really enjoyed watching him carefully choose his words. And LOVED it when she asked him to walk her down the aisle.

Anonymous said...

I had noticed Ellen, as of late, had been more forthright about being a lesbian. I'm most impressed by her courage to be open in front of red state America. Brings lbgqt equal rights movement one step closer to the finish line--marraige. I especially appreciated her comment about how legal contracts feel to her--"you can sit here, but not there." Separate but equal isn't equal. People trust her. To hear her speak so eloquently about how discrimination feels, I think, will really help conservatives get it.

John McCain's response? So funny and typical. This is the man that originally voted AGAINST MLK Day. He's never been at the forefront of the equal rights movement for any group.


Rozanne said...

OK. How weird and freaky is this? Just as I was about to click on the Ellen video, the phone rings and what does the caller ID say?

McCain 2008!!!!

WTF? How does his campaign even have my number (I've been a registered Democrat my entire life) and why did they call at that very moment? It's actually kind of scary. Like I'm being watched.

Anyway, I didn't pick up but clicked on the video. You're so right. Ellen does just keep getting better. I've always liked her so much, but it's great that she's putting herself out there more.

I love the way she put her questions. No accusing, no defensiveness, just stating the facts and asking completely sensible questions.

Shame on John McCain.

Janet said...

I really enjoyed watching it as well -- McCain cannot make eye contact and frankly to me looked ashamed of his views. I consider that a very optimistic sign.

That is the way to make progress - to be open, to normalize our lives, to point out our shared humanity and not differences.


Anonymous said...

This clip is great for all of those people who somehow think McCain is more moderate than the rest of the Republicans. He's not. He's a social conservative. He does not support gay rights, women's rights, etc and in my humble opinion, is as dangerous a dude as the douchebag we currently have in office.

BTW, If the right is opposed to gay marriage beause of the religious issues, why aren't the opposed to heterosexual marraiges that are not faith-based (marriages by judges, etc). I'll get off my soapbox now.

weese said...

thanks for posting this clip - I would have missed it otherwise.
Not that I am suprised by any of it. McCain may as well be Bush.
Yeah yeah...they say he is moderate - ha. Wait.
and sorry Denise - a 'contract' is not a marriage. Denise, you and I can have a contract, but my wife and I sleep together. Do you see the difference?

Andy said...

Politics. I am positive that John McCain really doesn't mind if gay people get married, and I'm completely certain that George W. Bush doesn't give a rip, either. But they have to say these things publicly -- hey, at least the GOP has progressed to saying, "You're entitled to some semi-reasonable approximation of legal recognition" instead of, "Aaaaaahhhhh!" -- in order to keep the 'nuts in the fold. Similarly, I'm pretty sure both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama support same-sex marriage, but to actually say so at this point would somehow make them untenably liberal and unelectable.

I think Ellen did it exactly right, and I think this is what we all need to do -- especially in California with the amendment coming on the ballot. We just need to be open about our lives and our relationships and just say, "This is my fiance, we've been together X years, and we're really looking forward to getting married but we need your help." It's much easier to raise the panic flag if you're talking about "homosexuals," but much harder if you connect this issue to real people who are going to be hurt in multiple ways if this law goes through.

A Lewis said...

I am so happy he even chose to go on her show, in spite of the fact that I'm packing up and moving north if he gets elected. Vancouver BC is a nice city, isn't it?

Monogram Queen said...

I imagine it's not easy to walk in Ellen's shoes, she has a fine line (maybe one of her own making I dunno) but i'm glad to see her speak up and out too. Yay for her and Portia tying the knot. Now for the rest of the United States....

Anonymous said...

I can't say that I'm surprised that he can't make eye contact with Ellen. You know, don't you, that McCain keynoted a fundraising dinner for the OCA in 1993? Yep, the Oregon Citizens Alliance, and yep, just a few months after Measure 9 failed. McCain is really a piece of work.

But Ellen, I am just so proud of her. I loved reading that she asked Jenna Bush Hager if she and Portia could get married on Daddy's ranch. ( from Der Welt)

Now, I just figured out I've been living under a rock. When did Jodie Foster come out?

James Diggs said...

I like Ellen a lot, I would love to meet her. I also think Ellen did make a compelling argument. I can certainly empathies with her argument that the law makes her (and many others) feel like second class citizens.

Here is the problem though as I see it. What Ellen is asking for is for the state to go beyond just declaring legal partnerships and declare gay unions as having the sacred status of “marriage”.

Now this is not to say that there can’t be compelling arguments for why gay unions could not be considered sacred and given the term marriage; I am just not sure that government is really able to mandate any union beyond just it’s legality and declare something “sacred” one way or the other. So perhaps government has over stepped its boundaries by ever declaring any legal union, even heterosexual, a marriage.

Perhaps the answer is for government to get out of the marriage game all together and declare both homosexual and heterosexual unions “civil unions” and let marriage be determined in the context of peoples various religious and cultural communities.

This way everyone would have the same legal rights and at the same time allow diverse communities to determine on their own what would constitute sacred and marriage beyond just a legal agreement and partnership; and no one could deny them that.

Just a thought, I am just trying to honestly listen and look for ways where we as a diverse people can show one another love and respect. I would love to hear your opinion.



Anonymous said...

Good Job :)