Thursday, May 05, 2005

The Bern Cafe, Bern, Kansas

Bern Cafe bootscraper
This is the Bern Café. It went out of business as a private venture several years ago. The people of Bern couldn’t imagine living in Bern without their café. So they made it into a co-op.
Bern CafeToday, it’s managed and run by the people of Bern. It’s a set menu, but the café is still a place for people to meet, eat, and catch-up. I love places like this.


Anonymous said...

I'm related to every singe white bread eatin/ co-op cookin / maytag washin swiss freak in that damn town. Been to the top of the grain elevator with Lelo.... she should post pics. Bern rocks.

LeLo said...

Maytag is a brand of home appliances, especially washing machines. No worries, Bryce!