Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Rotten Squirrel vs. Rascal Flatts

Okay, so I don't know crap about some country band, Rascal Flatts. But I do know I'll come out of the blog closet right here and right now and say, I watch American Idol. I love that god damn show. And tomorrow night, Carrie Underwood will sing with some band named Rascall Flatts (it doesn't sound that different from Rotten Squirrel, does it?) and Bo Bice (yes, Falconer/Drew/Farrow crew, your boi!) will sing with Lynryd Skynrd. While Ja'AmLo may say this is the worst American Idol, I'd say, you don't know JACK because you don't watch it. And finally, I still love Constantine!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh Constantine, how you teased me with your come-hither looks, bedroom eyes and promises of oral delights beyond my wildest dreams.

And Carrie, how I want to gag each time I glimpse your nostrils flaring.

But Bo, sing sweet and soft sweet nothings in my ear and snuggle me some of that southern fried beard. mmmm.

Anonymous said...

Constantine seems like and looks like a church going Kurt Cobain with too much vibrato.Would probably make a good fluffer though. I give him one star.