Saturday, May 07, 2005

Make the most of toast…for toast makes the most of a meal!


Here’s a whole new field of cooking…inexpensive creative cooking that will win you an enviable reputation for the unusual and delicious! Here are healthy one-dish meals for the family…and distinctive recipes for company brunches, party luncheons and festive suppers! Your family will boast about the meals you create with toast…and you’ll be thrilled with their ease and economy of preparation! Toast recipes turn leftovers into company fare…and stretch a little bit of food a long way! You’ll always be able to whip up tasty meals in minutes for unexpected guests if you keep modern packaged bread, and a basic pantry-shelf stock of canned goods, on hand! And if the man in your house is an amateur chef, he’ll adopt many of these recipes as his own chafing dish specialties!

And no, I did not insert any of my own exclamation marks or italics into that whammy of an opening. Copyright 1950 Marathon Corporation

Yes, a cookbook for toast. From Portland’s very own Franz Bread. Let’s take a journey together, through the glory of cooking with toast.

magical cooking

Toast points, or triangles, are often preferred to whole slices of toast for creamed dishes, rabbits and other specialties served on toast. To make, first remove crusts from bread slices. Then cut bread diagonally in both directions to make 4 triangles, as shown in sketch. (thank god for the sketch) Toast in broiler as described above. Butter if desired.

Here’s a big surprise:

But did you know:

Apple-Sausage Surprise
1/2 lb. Link sausages
2 tbsp. Water
1/2 cup unsweetened applesauce
4 thin strips American cheese
Add water to sausage and cook in covered skillet until water evaporates. Remove cover and continue cooking until sausage is brown (about 10 minutes). Drain off all fat. Spread 2 tablespoons of applesauce apiece on 4 slices of hot buttered toast. Top with sausage and cheese strip. Broil slowly until cheese melts.

Get out! This is a SUPER SUPPER!

Oh it’s so hard to choose. Will it be the Mexican Rabbit (there’s no rabbit in it, btw), Sauteed Chicken Livers (oh god, there is liver in it), or the minced oysters?

Why choose?


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Rozanne said...

Too funny! This reminds me of the Home Ec class I took in 7th grade, where the teacher taught us to "cook" such complex dishes as Shit on a Shingle--I mean Chipped Beef on Toast and pie made with a frozen pie shell and canned pie filling.

Thanks for sharing! I love the drawings of Apronlady!

Anonymous said...

And to finish it off, ice cream - flanders style (plain!).

This reminds me of that dudes site that had the furry restaurant and all the recipes..... >>>>> or something. wtf is it?