Thursday, May 26, 2005

Rose Festival is coming...can you smell it?

SkyscapeWell, I can see it, and for the past several days, the ferris wheel has been going up. Here's a photo from this spring's most amazing day of heat, clear sky, and absolute beauty. The ferris wheel will next have the cars put on it, and will soon begin to spin notoriously close to the Morrison Bridge. It may, or may not, be accompanied by screams. And yes, I can hear the screams all the way to where this photo was taken. Since we're AT WAR, I don't think very many navy guys will innundate downtown with their crisp white uniforms and drunken adventures, but I'll put $10 down that the gals seeking those guys, wearing their hot pink tube tops and super high heels, with or without fringed suede jackets, will still come on down for fun and frolic at the Pepsi Fun Center, also known as carni central at waterfront park. Aaahhhh.....the Portland Rose Festival is almost here!


Kathryn said...

I haven't been to the Rose Festival in YEARS! I'm such a lousy Portlander. I just know if I took my three kids down there I would spend $300 on scary rides run my guys who are probably ex-cons and high on meth and eat food laden with food bourne illness all along being either, HOT or RAINED on.

I'm really a fun girl, really!

Rozanne said...

We drove over the Morrison Bridge last night, and as you noted, that Ferris wheel isn't more than a few feet from the bridge. How can that be safe?