Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Thank you, Senator Morse

From tonight's hearing on SB 1000 in Oregon's legislature, here is some paraphrasing from the very heartfelt and sincere testimony in favor of SB 1000 from Senator Morse: "Where we begin this journey will determine where we end our journey.....My conviction to step forward stems from a Christian belief that we are called to act and to love.....Love is not’s’s listening, then brings purpose to our lives...How should I reach out and love to those with a sexual orientation than mine? Is there a place for love in our public policy? I believe there is...It’s time to accept, and it’s time act...It’s time to accept all persons, and treat them with respect, and love." Thank you, Senator Morse.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps you mean "Frank" Morse?


Like many Oregonians, we have many fond memories of the original "Senator Morse":

LeLo said...

What would I do without you Pablo? Defender of names at my blog. Thanks for the heads up. My bad.