Sunday, May 22, 2005

Stuff Portrait Friday Done on Sunday

Saw this over at blu’s place…Here goes…

My place to relax
Paul's Himalayan Musk 2004
In my back yard. Under the roses. Petals falling down on me are fine too.

My medicine cabinet
My medicine cabinet
Complete with grandma’s perm kit. In case I need a perm.

A souvenir from a great trip
Basket by aboriginal women
Basket made by aboriginal women from Western Australia. It has emu feathers woven into the bottom.


Zoe said...

That basket looks far too beautiful to be functional... did these aboriginal women make these only to sell, or do they serve a purpose?

BTW, glad Picasso is feeling better, apply liberal scratches to back and behind ears for me


Rozanne said...

I like the teeth molds--it's hilarious that you store them in your medicine cabinet. They're just too weird to throw away. (I didn't throw mine away until I moved and had to listen to the voice of reason.)

LeLo said...

you're so smart! the basket is not an aboriginal craft, but is taught to the women so they can sell them and make a living through an economic development organization. thus, me, the tourist, bought the basket. it usually holds an emu egg and seed pods. and picasso thanks you for the affection: now that's she's back from her spa get-away, she's getting LOTS of extra attention.

where else are you supposed to store teeth molds? i like to think they scare the bejeezus out of nosy guests at parties who open the medicine cabinet. besides, they're just too weird to throw away, aren't they?!