Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I called Senator Margaret Carter today

She’s my Senator in Oregon. Unfortunately, Margaret was busy and unable to come to the phone. But a very nice and helpful gentleman took my information—that I was a constituent of Senator Carters calling to inquire of her support for SB 1000—and my asking for her support of SB 1000 in its entirety. Entirety, meaning, not splitting up civil unions from non-discrimination, for Oregon’s gay community. Prohibiting discrimination against gay and lesbian Oregonians is just as important as providing same-sex couples and their families with legal recognition and protection. Unfortunately, in the past week, religious zealots (the far right) have been bombarding Oregon lawmakers, and I wanted to counter that with a voice of reason. The cool thing is that it’s really easy to figure out who to call by going HERE.

For more information about SB 1000 and the current status for how to not get fired if you’re gay or be denied housing or to ensure you can visit your partner if they’re in the hospital….go here.

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