Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Fullness in Hummers

...or Hummingbirds. Can I just say how cool hummingbirds are? We've been planting for them for 7 years, and this year, there are 3+ of them that are making their home in El Jardin. Hummingbirds are such cool birds: they seem sweet and demure and delicate, but at this very second, at dusk, they are right outside the window going full mortal combat on each other, buzzing and fighting over the feeder. They are WAY territorial.
Okay. Just had to share.


Rozanne said...

I've been told that it takes hummers a long time to find all those hummingbird-attracting plants we so faithfully plant, but that once they find them they never forget.

They are waaaaayyy cool birds. I wonder if I'm going to have to wait another four years for them to find my garden.

LeLo said...

Plant for them: they really love the hardy fuschias. I'll ask our hummers to put out the word about your place. In the meantime, make sure the Vacancy light is on.