Thursday, May 19, 2005


Poor Picasso is having a tough time. With the fluid cathater still taped to her paw, and the tiara to keep her from chewing the thing out, it's hard to tell if she's doing any better. She's home with us for the evening, but goes back tomorrow morning. All tests are looking inconclusive, but she's still lethargic (or does she just hate this crap she's got to wear?), but not near as bad as last night. Can I just saw how much I love North Portland Veterinary Hospital and the amazing Dr. Dillon? Love. Her. Thanks for all of your thoughts, prayers and's to hoping tomorrow is a better day for my sweet gardening kitty.


Anonymous said...

Oh, little baby Picasso! Little precious sweetie. North Portland Vet. Hospital is the BEST. You're all in good hands.

Take care. I'll be sending you good vibes.

Rozanne said...

She looks pissed off! (But still cute.)

Hope they find out what's wrong and she'll soon be on the mend.

Kathryn said...

Hope she is feeling better.

geeekgirl said...

oh my. is she better now?

Jack thanks Picasso for the encouragement!