Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Aarrgghh. I've hit the ceiling in the Free Flickr category.

No more uploads this month for me unless I upgrade to Flickr pro. Beyond limitless upload (I think), what other perks do Pro accounts enjoy? Is it just time I admit I need to do it and do it or should I continue to limp along with the freebie version?
I'd post a photo to go with this post, but, well, you know. I can't and all. My god. To think my blog would have to rely on my writing alone. That's a nightmare.


Zoe said...

I had this problem until I started re-sizing my photos with MS Office Picture Manager- I use it to crop, adjust and resize to "web small" and now I can upload much more.

Rozanne said...

Yes, blu is right. Your pix are HUMONGOUS!!! Size them down. There is no need for them to be as big or as hi res as they are for the Web cuz the Web has limited resolution capacity or so B tells me anyway.

You can change the settings on your camera so that it takes smaller, lower res pix. The quality is just fine for the Web. It also means you can squeeze a lot more pix onto your memory card. I have my camera set for small pix "640 by 480 pixels" at "normal" resolution. They are usually no more than 100 K in size but if they are, I put them in Photoshop and save them down to a lower resolution or crop them or whatever. As a result I've used only 11% of my Flickr budget this month and I've been uploading stuff right and left.