Wednesday, July 06, 2005

OregonLive continues to be down....

....and I believe we're looking at day 2 or 3. That is just lame. I can't hold out on this Chocolate Cosmos post anymore. IT'S ABOUT CHOCOLATE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!
So welcome to the LeLo in NoPo hosting of the Sassy Gardener blog. (that link is currently not taking you to sassy gardener, just the lame-ass temporary holding page)

I'm growing chocolate!!!
Chocolate Cosmo
Okay, okay, so they're Chocolate Cosmos , but hey. It's still chocolate! And no calories!
Chocolate Cosmos are a fav' perennial. They bloom that deep, sexy, dark chocolate brown/burgundy, they're easy, work well in dappled light, and should produce blooms until late in the season. The one you see above glows with late afternoon/evening sunlight, and don't you just want to eat it up? Well, don't. Smell it instead. That's when you'll take in the sweet aroma of chocolate. How is this possible? I have no idea. It's like scented geraniums. How do they make them smell like pineapple? Ginger? Apple? I have no idea. But I'll enjoy it.

Sidenote: I once planted a little area in a friends' and called it dessert: strawberries, vanilla, and chocolate. Strawberries were the real thing, but they hung out with vanilla-scented Heliotrope and chocolate cosmos. Better dieting through gardening.


Rozanne said...


I think there may be a chocolate geranium (pergolarium) available, too.

I love chocolate cosmos. No ideas why I don't have any. I think I was told, I don't have the right light conditions for them, but the person that told me that also told me a lot of other things that have been proved wrong.

Joseph said...

Yum! I love Chocolate Cosmos too and I planted some last year, but none made it thru the last freeze we had here. I'm not detered however, I will try again in another location.

got that new Camera yet? ;-)

LeLo said...

That chocolate geranium is now on my "watch for" list. Anything chocolate in the garden is good to me. As for growing them, try it. I haven't had problems, and while they prefer full sun, they do well in partial. My god. You live in Portland. f

That camera is coming any day: looking at this photo, I can't wait to have that thing in my hands! Thanks for the tips...