Saturday, July 02, 2005

Picking Blueberries at Sauvies Island

It's blueberry season!
It's blueberry season in Oregon, and there's nothing like fresh blueberries. I had forgotten how BEAUTIFUL they are, and easy to pick. They're not like the ollalieberries I grew up picking with Ja'AmLo, which are definitely t-a-s-t-y, but their tastiness melted on our fingers as we picked them, staining our digits ollalieberry purple. In our case, we also threw them at each other, leaving ollalieberry bomb stains over our bodies.
Huge blueberries
Back to we have a freezer full of blueberries to top cereals in the winter, and a collander full of them, draining in the sink, waiting to be made into a fresh blueberry pie.

Thanks to Rozanne for her blueberry post and tip for where to pick.

Blueberries ripening


Anonymous said...

God those blueberries look delcious. OMG did you just send me into a blueberry manic obsession. I heart blueberries. Fresh Blueberries. YUMMY.

Anonymous said...

Those put Maine blueberries to shame and I should know cause Maine is right next door. Hey I remember Salmonberries growin' up in Seattle. Do they still have those out there?

Rozanne said...

Great, accurate photos. They really *are* that freaking huge!