Friday, July 08, 2005

Traveling across this great country of ours

Does that title make you want to put your hand over your heart and sing about waves of amber? Well, don't get too excited. I just took this cool little quiz, and realize I've been to 54% of our countries states. How about you?

create your own visited states map
or check out these Google Hacks.

Thanks to Pseudo-Intellectual for the link!


Pseudo-intellectual lunatic said...

You've done better than me......but I've been to florida! woo hoo!!!!!

Rozanne said...

At first I thought the map was some sort of revised version of that red state/blue state map and I was going to get all bent out of shape about OR being red.

You haven't been to Wisconsin? Wow. As a former Chicagoan, I was constantly escaping to WI where they have actual forests. And for some (illogical) reason, I just assume everyone would have been to Wisconsin at least once. Yah hey, dere...have some cheese curds!

LeLo said...

Yeah, it would have been better for the designer of that map to not use the loaded colors of red and blue when it comes to designating the's hard to imagine the day that the west coast would ever be red.....that would probably be the day I'd move!

Janet said...

I would move, too! I did this one, too, and have been to 33% of the US. I did the countries, too, and only have travelled to 12.

Anonymous said...

Hah! We're even at 54%!
Damn girl you gotta visit New England. We are kind folk!

Anonymous said...

I knew I'd seen a lot of the US but I had no idea how much until I did this. I'm at 78% - missing the New England states, Alaska, Hawaii, North Dakota and Arkansas. I've been all over the south but somehow I've missed Arkansas. My map looks so weird to see it sitting there like an island.

Hey, rozanne, I'm a former Chicagoan, too, with many frequent travels to Wisconsin (born there, relatives there). I remember visiting small local cheese factories with my grandpa as a kid.

Lisa (yes, lelo, that Lisa!)

Anonymous said...

I have been to one less state then you but your map looks SO much more impressive than mine.

Anonymous said...

You've kicked my ass in States Visited (I'm at 43% and believe you me, I counted every state I've ever even touched down on at their airport...Let's hope I've somehow managed to block out several states, and, well, chunks of time for that matter, in error) I feel so lowly and unsophisticated.

LeLo said...

Yeah! You've de-lurked! Welcome...and you've been to Alaska. I think that should count as double points.

Lynne and Cudgel Lover (you can't get over the cudgel word, can you?); Don't be too impressed. That includes layovers in airports, otherwise, Michigan and Georgia would not have made my list. There's also a map for countries you've been to, and my map of that is pitiful. I really need to leave the continent more often.

Anonymous said...

Yup, I de-lurked.

Out of curiousity, I did a map for my kids. Sad, sad, sad. Only 4 states and nada for travels abroad.

I did a map for myself, as best as I could remember, of my travels at the same age as my oldest (14). I had seen 18 states (35%) and 11 countries (4%) already.

I hadn't realized how much of a "world traveler" I was at that age. We need to take them traveling more to give them a broader perspective. We can't swing trips to other countries (okay, Cananda and Mexico are doable) but we should certainly take them on road trips to other states (even with today's gas prices) like we did when I was a kid.

Thanks for the eye opener, Lelo.