Saturday, July 09, 2005

Lazy summer days...

Frida en El Jardin
Originally uploaded by Lelonopo. the garden, around the house, taking it all in. Here's Frida, doin' one of her favorite things. Watching the bees and bugs from the garden path. She's AdRi's garden helper, following her wherever she goes. Here she actually posed for me. Can you tell what I've been doing all day?


Joseph said...

super fine photo there. serious! wow!

Rozanne said...

That first card got filled up entirely with cat photos, right?

She's such a cutie.

Anonymous said...

Hey that photo looks like it was taken at the same the same time as your "About Me/Dawn Wiener pick. Hmmm Are you Heather Matarazzo?
Look at this pick of her w/ ( ah mana eatchu) Rosie.,%20Heather

geeekgirl said...

I found all of these cookbooks from the 50's yesterday and one of them reminded me of you: "12 Pies Husbands Really Love". I think it goes with the "Dishes Men Like".

Like we care!

LeLo said...

Thanks Greenthumb!

Rozanne: uh, er, yes. Cats and garden flowers. I was like a kid in a candy store!

MerchMIkey...Hate to disappoint; I'm not Heather, but I play her on tv. The yellow/neon greeney effect is very 1970s kodak prints, isn't it? I love that look. And I discovered color adjustment in iPhoto and I went a little bonkers with it.

Geeekgirl...I have GOT to see 12 Pies Husbands Really Love. How did any marriage succeed without that knowledge?!?!?! I mean, what would those pies be? I'm guessing one would be lemon meringue, and one would be a lattice top cherry pie made with a can of cherry pie filling. I'd put money that those two pies are in that cookbook! Now you're making me want to peruse my cookbook selection!

geeekgirl said...

you are so good. they are right next to each other.

**correction**it is called "12 pies men like best".