Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Tell Karen Minnis she doesn’t own the House of Representatives!

BRO rally
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Can ONE person really overrule the will of the Senate, the Governor, the House and the Majority of Oregonians?

Speaker of the House Karen Minnis thinks so. She’s acting more like a monarch on a throne than a fair arbiter of democracy, pledging to lock SB 1000 in a legislative dungeon where it will never see the light of day.

Speaker Minnis says SB 1000 will never come to a vote in “her” chamber. Her chamber? Apparently she has forgotten that she doesn’t own that seat—the people do!

So what are you doing next Wednesday?
Tell Speaker Minnis: She doesn't own the House of Representatives—the people do! And the people want an up or down vote on SB 1000 before this session ends!

The Rally is next Wednesday on the capitol steps: Wednesday, July 20, 6 PM
It’s a Capitol—not a Castle!

For more information on SB 1000 and how to get involved, Basic Rights Oregon.

For current news on GLBTQ issues and SB 1000, visit the hotties at Gay Rights Watch.


Kathryn said...

Thanks for posting that Lelo. I should take the girls and head down to Salem.

Gavin S. said...

Please please please come to Salem.