Thursday, July 07, 2005

Stuff Portrait Friday

The photo assignments can get interesting. Though there wasn't too much creativity in my composition and lighting this week. Deal with it people. You want my stuff? You got it. Shout out to Kristine, goddess of the Stuff Portrait Photography exercise. If you haven't visited her blog, get your ass over there. She's crazy with her camera and has a hellofa lot o' fun. Okay, here's my stuff. This week, with back story. Backtalk always welcome.

The assignment?
magazine subscriptions • household pet peeve • favorite framed picture

These are the magazines I subscribe to:
mag subscriptions
I guess this mix makes me a socially responsible, organic gay. Hmmm.

These are what I usually buy in addition to subscribing:
mags i buy
Hmmm. Do Sunset and Bust cancel each other out? And why don't I just subscribe to Fine Gardening? That magazine ALWAYS kicks ass. Yes it does.

And I'm not posting all of the ones I read for my work. I'm a news/info whore.

Household pet peeve
These things seem to jump off our feet and land all over the floor downstairs...*
But they never land in the home I made just for them, behind the door...

*there's a pair up there specifically for Recovering Straight Girl: can you find them? If you look very carefully, my pedicured toes are in there for you too.

Favorite framed picture
I have lots. Can't pick one. Here are two.
fav picture
David Hockney's Pear Blossom Highway kicks ass. If you have a chance to see it in person, DO. It's at the Getty in LA. I love this style of Hockney. Snapshots of a scene all placed together in a collage, but together, making one scene. And Pear Blossom Highway? When I was little, we were stranded in Pear Blossom due to a snowstorm. I licked icicles. And slept on a spare mattress. It was scary. It was exciting. I was 5.

fav picture
This is the first of our habit of taking photos of AdRi kissing my cheek. Taken about 9 or 10 years ago, on the beach in Yelapa, Mexico. Our first vacation together. After that trip, we knew we would be together a long time. This weekend is our 10 year anniversary (of being together, and 1 year anniversary of celebrating our marriage with friends and family). Shout out to AdRi. Lovin' you G-friend.


Anonymous said...

I hear ya sista. Bevs (MistressTinymeat) likes to just leave her flipflops wherever they exit her feet. Wouldn't be so bad except for at last count she has 15 pairs. Drives me frickin' nuts.

Random and Odd said...

Dang got some shoes!!

Did you play the week we had the 'shoe collections'?

SOMEONE that reads my has all their shoes in BOXES! can you imagine?

Mine are in my van somewhere.

Book Bums said...

Happy Anniversary!

amanda said...

i can't find the pedicured toes???

Kathryn said...

Shoes for ME? They MUST be the rainbow flip-flops that you bought for PRIDE from Old Navy. Yes?

Love your shots. You and your girl are CUTE! Congrats on your anniversary!

Janet said...

That's Me! I have my shoes in boxes! But I also have about 8 pair sitting on the back porch.

You have the most eclectic magazine collection I have yet to view!

And I love chocolate cosmos, too!

Rozanne said...

Happy Anniversary!

Do Bust and Sunset cancel each other out? Probably. Ha!

My mom used to subscribe to Organic Gardening. It was a tatty little newprint thing back then. I thought it was awful. Clearly, I've changed my tune on that one.

Pseudo-intellectual lunatic said...

flip flops are nice...flaunt the toenails

LeLo said...

MerchMikey-Flipflops are a gardening standard. But we REALLY don't need to leave them all over the house, do we?
Kristine and Zuph-Thanks for stopping by!
Amanda-click on the rainbow flip flops and I left you a note in FlickR to see the toes
RSG-Hell yeah girl! I forgot I blogged about those puppies already!
Jbo-There is nothing wrong with having your shoes in boxes: more power to you and your uncanny organizational abilities!
Rozanne-OG has really come full circle: it's chock-o-full of great stuff!
Pseudo-Intellecutal lunatic-thanks for stopping in! Be careful in your crazy weather!