Thursday, December 08, 2005

Because my mother visits my blog

Hi MaLo! (That's my mom.) Since you've delurked several times, much to the joy of myself and others, we should note...this post is for you.

I've been getting some nice compliments on my scarves lately. I've been wearing 2 scarves my mother made for me last year. One is knit from ribbon, the other a lovely edged winter white extravaganza.

The first comment came from a woman walking next to me in downtown Portland. She asked me if I made my scarf. "No, my mother did though!" and we struck up a conversation about knitting, and crotcheting (she was a crotcheter) for about 5 blocks as we both walked in the same direction.

Ah, crotchet! That's not anything I know how to do. I know how to knit, thanks to lessons from MaLo, but I still have to reference a book on how to knit off, or whatever it's called when I end a scarf. Back to used to do a lot of crotcheting. I'm not sure if she does anymore, but growing up, my beautifully skinny and awesome big sister had bikinis crotcheted by mom. Some even had seashells sewn into them. They were tiny. And she looked GREAT in them. I, on the other hand, was much younger and not really the body type nor age for itsy bitsy crotcheted bikinis. So mom made me crotcheted holders for my Bonnie Bell Lip Smackers. They were little purses that you wore like necklaces. And they kept my root beer flavored lip gloss handy and always ready for use. She made small, and large sized ones, and I could layer for effect if I wanted, or, wear them as solo pieces. I wish I still had them. They totally rocked.

So mom, I thought of you and your amazing crotcheting abilities tonight when I saw these amazing crotchet projects. I double dog dare you.


Zoe said...

Hi LeLo's mom! I wish my mom had computer skills- I am totally jealous!

If you feel intimidated by making dog sweaters- I'd love a hat!

I bought a cheap frilly yarn at target for $1 because it was orange-(school color) I am knitting a scarf... but I don't know how to cast off- I saw a book today though- I might just go cast off at the bookstore while looking at the diagram!

Hi LeLo... I wish my mom had a computer and skills- so envious!!

Rigo said...

I just crocheted(?) a scarf. It was red white and blue and I gave it to Justin, who is very patriotic. It was my first attempt at crochting so it was a little lopsided, okay a lot lopsided. It was fun, but my carpal tunnel kicked in.

Kathryn said...

Hi LeLo's Mom!!! We're kind of related because my dog daughter and your dog grand-daughter are biological sisters!

I'd love to commission you to make three of those lip balm holders for my DD's!

LeLo, the next time you come over, remind me to show you the very ill attempt I made crocheting a blanket for DD#2. It's hilarious, but I was so proud of myself!

and btw, you should really come home, the weather out there looks terrible.

Rozanne said...

That ribbon scarf is beautiful, MaLo. (LeLo, you might want to rethink your mom's moniker, because of what it means in Spanish).

I remember those Lip Smackers. A must-have item, although I never wore one around my neck.

What a bummer about that snowstorm! I hope you aren't stranded at O'Hare. That is the suckiest airport to be stuck at. Nothing to eat but Wendy's and McDonalds. Blech!

LeLo said...

I think RSG and Rozanne should put their skills together and maybe together they could come up with something decent: Rozanne has a nice chem-lawn green afghan goin' on over there.

RSG, I didn't realize girls were still into Lip smackers!

Rigo, props to you for giving it a go: and yes, I know. The spelling of crochet is a bit uncomfortable in its relationship to crotch. !!!

Blu-My mother, intimidated? Hahahhahhahhahha. That's funny. :)

Rozanne, I can't believe I didn't see the spanish translation of mom's moniker. Yeah, that's bad. If I used her maiden name, it's MoFlo. Now THAT is pretty darn good.