Monday, December 19, 2005

King of Inflatable Christmas Displays

Those blow up inflatable Christmas display things are whack. You know what I’m talkin’ ‘bout. Those big power generated inflatable Santas, snowmen, and new this year, snowglobes!

They’re more than likely not inflated, especially if it’s bad weather or it’s not plugged in. And then they just feel worn out and sad. Christmas decor defeated by the elements. I don’t feel the holiday spirit when I see the inflatables. Not like when I see Christmas lights. I just feel overmerchandised and cheap. I’m sorry if you love them. But I just don’t get them.

There are lots in our neighborhood. AdRi says she likes them best on roofs. It looks like something giant has landed there. The new snowglobe thing is interesting. If you could get inside one of those giant snowglobes, would you? Do you think you could feel the Christmas spirit better within them than from outside? Do you think they play Christmas music inside of them?

So there’s this guy who is really into the inflatable things. And you know they’re not just for Christmas, right? Evidently, he has them out for lots of holidays. Including Super Bowl Sunday. Check this:

Nothing says Happy Holidays like a house disguised by massive amounts of inflatables. He is the king, you know.


Anonymous said...

We saw one - I think a Santa Claus - sadly flapping around on the ground one recent windy day, looking so sad and so un-festive, like someone had shot the thing and CSI hadn't been called yet.

I'll take plastic pink flamingos over inflatables any day. Well, not for Christmas . . . unless they wore Santa hats. ;-)


Radio Gretchen said...

I am also mostly anti-inflatable holiday yard decor, and yet I love the inflatable snow globe! Go figure...

Kathryn said...

Wow, maybe I should get one of those inflatable leprachauns for St. Patricks day; I should order now, it's just around the corner.

sttropezbutler said...

What else can one buy? Jeez.

Bah Humbug to inflaters!


Anonymous said...

You are right, it is sad sack to see them flacid.


Rozanne said...

Yeah, the inflatables are sad, and they're almost always keeled over or at least listing. I think we say that same Santa that Anonymous L saw. He was lying on his back, but still attempting to wave rather feebly.

PS Is that the same snow globe we saw a few weeks ago on our way to the handmade gift party?

LeLo said...

Hahhahahahha! I'm still laughing about the CSI hadn't been called comment: Anonymous L, you need a blog!

For some reason the snow globe inflatables aren't as bad as the others, huh?

Do check out the link to the website and what the King of Inflatables' house looks like on Superbowl Sunday. I'm thankful to not be his neighbor!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen anything except the globes around here...they're okay, I guess. Look a bit high-maintenance to me, though.

I guess inflatables are popular with the blow-hards?

(you may groan now ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm strangely attracted to the inflatables, most especially the snow globe inflatable... I can't explain it except that it conjures up some sort of... like I said, I can't explain it.

Hey, what is it you call people that like to dress up in furry animal costumes again? I don't know why I just thought of that - maybe it's the picture of all the inflatables in that person's yard (which I find oddly sweet in a sort of over-the-top stoned Disney way).

LeLo said...

Uh, okay. So the Inflatable Advocate loves inflatables. NO WAY!!!!! I want pictures please.

And as for the question of what is it that people are called when they like to dress up in furry animal costumes? It's called a Fursona. I should blog about that, shouldn't I?

I was talking with some friends at lunch today...I would love to kidnap a shitload of inflatables from people's front yards and assemble them in the middle of a major intersection late one night. If you hear of that happening, you know who did it.

Anonymous said...

OMG! LMFAO @ inflatable advocate!!!!

Y'never know when fans of inflatables might have a difficult time getting employment or housing - hahaha.

oooooh, lelo, kidnapping inflatables! TOO FUNNY!

Gravely Gay said...

I would totally hop in one of those things, only if there was money floating around with the snow though.
I have neighbors who put up inflatables all the time too.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow. You are reading my mind!

I'd never seen those snow globe things until I came to visit Michigan. They're EVERYWHERE out here. They scare me. I do not want a giant snow globe on my lawn, my roof, my driveway, my neighbor's yard, etc.

Another item I always find absolutey horrifying as well is the deflated inflatables. Nothing like a flaccid Santa flapping around on the front lawn to say "Merry Christmas!".

Hope your holiday and your vacation are fantastic!!!