Friday, December 09, 2005

Holidays Mexican Style in St. Johns

My other half is Latina. I’m Swiss + other stuff. I don’t know much about swiss traditions for the holidays. But I’ve embraced Mexican culture via AdRi. It’s really beautiful. Coming up is Virgin of Guadalupe day: that’s Monday, December 12th. We’re celebrating with a feast of posole on Sunday. If we were in Mexico City it would be C-R-A-Z-Y: filled with people walking on pilgrimages to the city. Thousands and thousands and thousands of them. Many, I’m sure, at times on their knees. Ouch!

One Mexican tradition this time of year is the posada. A posada is a reenactment of Joseph and Mary going from inn to inn asking for shelter. Children and families carry candles and go house to house, singing. Those in the house answer back in song. The song goes like this:

(Los Peregrinos /The Pilgrims seeking shelter)
En el nombre del cielo,
yo os pido posada,
pues no puede andar,
mi esposa amada.

(Los Hosteleros/Innkeepers)
Aquí no es mesón,
sigan adelante,
no les puedo abrir,
no vaya a ser un tunante.


(Los Peregrinos...)
Posada le pido
amado casero,
pues madre va a ser,
la reina del cielo

(Los Hosteleros)
Pues si es una reina,
quien lo solicita,
como es que de noche,
anda tan solita.
(Los Peregrinos)
Mi nombre es José,
Mi esposa es María.
y madre va ser,
del Divino Verbo.

(Los Hosteleros)
Posada os brindo,
Santos Peregrinos,
y disculpa os pido,
no os reconocía.
Entren Santos Peregrinos,
Reciban este rincón,
que aunque es pobre la morada,
la morada...
os las doy de corazón.
I live in one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Portland, and the Hispanic community is vibrant and thriving in St. Johns. Saturday there’s a posada going on, thanks to my friend Cornelius Swart and the great folks over at the St. Johns Sentinal . They’re meeting at 4:30pm, Saturday, at the clock tower in downtown St. Johns, and will be going business to business and singing, ending at one of the businesses which will let them in and have food and treats for all. Now how cool is that?!

If you go, you may also want this…Silent Night in spanish…
Noche de paz, noche de amor,
todo duerme alrededor,
y entre los astros que esparcen su luz,
van anunciando al Niñito Jesús,
brilla la estrella de paz,
brilla la estrella de amor.

Ya es Navidad,
fiesta de fé,
de esperanza y caridad,
y entre los astros que espracen su luz,
van anunciando al Niñito Jesús,
brilla la estrella de paz,
brilla la estrella de amor.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Felice Navidad, Happy Hanukah, Happy Solstice, Happy Kwanza….no matter what you celebrate, or what you may call it, I hope ya’ll have some good times with friends and family this season.


Anonymous said...

that is soooooo cool. that's so much better than tuba christmas downtown.

see you tomorrow evening.

sttropezbutler said...

Have a great time!

I had the good fortune of being in Mexico for Christmas about five years ago. It made for a lovely lovely time and I adored the Posada.


Kathryn said...

Sounds lovely!!
Glad you are home!

Zoe said...

What vibrant traditions. Have a great time!