Friday, December 23, 2005

Can you guess where I am?

Aaaahhhh....we've left Portland, and I don't think I've written here on the blog where we were planning on going. So here are some photos from our day: you guess where we are. If you know me IRL you probably know the answer, but that's okay. You can still play. There is a clue in one of these photos for sure...good luck! (be sure to click on the last one to see it in FlickR: it's a lovely photo!)


Joseph said...

Feliz Navidad Chica!!!

Hope you are enjoying your trip!!!


LeLo said...

Okay you lame guessers. These photos were taken in San Antonio Texas. Or Tejas to you Tejanos!

geeekgirl said...

Just when I was ready to guess the answer is already given. Beautiful pictures lelo!