Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Me, me and more me: Self Portrait Tuesday

Self Portrait Tuesday, a day late...I realize my blog has been a whole lot of me lately. Me, me and more me. That's a little different than what lelonopo has been in the past, I suppose. But frankly, it's my blog. So there.

I've been intrigued with self portraits lately. I learned so much this past year by taking photos in our garden: it was so much prettier than it was in my mind's eye. The camera allowed me to see the garden outside of the context of the building a "to do" list of what needed to be done in the garden and what was going wrong: I saw it in a whole different way. And it gave me ideas for where to go.

So I don't know where I'm going with this, but I think photography makes me think differently. And I've been having some tough times coming up with some good concrete long term goals I can commit to. It all comes down to what do I want? Who do I want to be? The hardest part is figuring out where to go: once I put it out there, I always make it happen. But right now, I'm not sure what to put out there. I hope that maybe through photography I can start to do that and figure all of that stuff out.

Thus, Self Portrait Tuesday. We'll try this once a week and see where it goes.


Rozanne said...

Nice photo. You're looking appropriately pensive.

Next week, though, I want to see you using the ding-dong Dutch Angle.

And then I'll never mention it again.

geeekgirl said...

I feel like I might recognize you now if I saw you walking down Lombard. It is only a matter of time right?

Anonymous said...

Such lovely eyes complimented by the aurburn locks cascading across your forehead..... Wonderful! However, the longer I look at your photo, I get the impression you're telling me, "I Know What You Did Last dirty birdy". You caught me LeLo! I Love Carmen! Miss Ya!

LeLo said...

Rozanne; With your comment, next week I'm going to take a dutch angle picture of a ding dong. But seriously, it's hard to self-portrait dutch angle. However, I could easily apply a dutch angle post photo taking in iPhoto. know how there's the Ken Burns effect in transitions, named after the documentarian's style of slowly zooming in on stills? I'll set that up in iPhoto on the previously called cutch angle and call it the Rozanne technique.

Geekgirl: I've wondered the same thing of you. But I certainly hope you don't find me walking down Lombard. For all we know, we live on the same street.

Anonymous: HeCa, I can spot your anonymous comments a mile away! And you're right, YOU ARE A DIRTY BIRDY IVAN. Love, Carmen (dang, she is SO HOT)

mindlessgirl said...

simply stunning!

Kathryn said...

very nice photo Lelo. We're all doing great here, enjoying Wink's visit and cracked out on KK donuts!!! I'll add a little Xanex just for fun!

Anne said...

great idea.
i am still in the pictures-of-random-things phase, on my blog.
pictures of myself, not so much.

Virenda said...

I think what you said about looking through a camera and not viewing your garden as a to do list is just amazing. I have often felt that way and feel more peaceful taking pictures once I get the hang of it, I look forward to viewing your future SPT posts. :0)

Anonymous said...

Every day should be self portrait day. I love it Lelo - beautiful!