Thursday, January 05, 2006

Miscellaneous Linkity Links

Trolling around the interweb I’m getting more and pissed off about Pat fricking Robertson and his mouth spewing off into burning damnation etcetera. What is with the hard core religious right and the crazy things they’ll say and do? Egads. I wonder if The Lord tells Pat how to wear his hair.

Where you will NOT find me this Sunday. Justice Sunday my ass. This line-up is my worst nightmare!

On to brighter notes…

Is it true? Has Kevin Spacey finally come out of the closet?

Hey! The posadas are almost over! Get your Rosca de Reyes on and par-tay people. Whoever gets the baby throws yet another one. Are the holidays over yet? Of course, we’re celebrating. And of course, photos to come.

Calling all lesbians! The L Word Season 3 premiers this Sunday night. We’re dressing up as our favorite characters from the show. I love Bette’s wardrobe, but I have to admit that I’m loving Jenny’s character more and more. I guess that means I’ll be either be wearing a lace tablecloth Sunday night or a Catholic High School girl’s uniform. Okay okay: I’ll dress like Carmen . She is so hot.

I’m totally grooving on a blog I recently added to my Bloglines: Pam’s House Blend rocks and fuels my desire to rant. She’s funny, sarcastic, honest and tells it like it is. Go visit her and get pissed of with me!

Other new blogs added to the blogroll...Radio Gretchen. Will all you peeps who are so well versed in music go over there and help her out? She needs to connect to some new tuneage. Help the cool girl, will ya? Also, Moto-Kitty makes kick ass purses that I've been admiring for some time. And she's funny, too.


brett said...

i already have the lword setup to record. with the sattelite we get it @ 7pm instead of 10pm. we'll need to do an lword party during the season. i'll even put on my kilt to get in the mood.

Radio Gretchen said...

Ah, shucks... thanks Lelo!

Anonymous said...

I grew tired and weary of seeing Jenny's pointy boobs week after week, but I respect her for being smart and creative and loving people for who they are at their core. I am fascinated and enchanted with Moira. How 'bout you?